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7art USSR Clock gives you the time and reminds you of the Soviet Union
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There are many different kinds of clocks available for your PC.
You can find them with really complex animations, flashes, colors, effects and so on. A Russian clock? What can be special about it? 7art USSR Clock gives you the time and reminds you of the Soviet Union. This nice screensaver will show you the correct time, of course. But to completely get the feeling of it, it is important to say that it is inspired on an ancient clock factory that used to be the most important in Russia some time ago: The Slava. This was a well-known clock and watch factory with an excellent reputation that meant quality. Well, this clock is not manufactured by Slava. You will be able to see a clock on your screen, against a yellow background. The clock itself doesn’t have any spectacular features. The only thing I could say resembles Russia might be the typeface of its numbers. I cannot say that they are definitely Russian characters. However, when I took a look at it, it gave me the feeling of Russian letters.
7art USSR Clock is a nice addition to your clock collection, since even if it is not so awesome, it is different, it looks classy, and at the same time it has a feeling of formality that I cannot explain. And that’s it. Nothing fancy, nothing to make you stare in awe. A simple nice clock that maybe will give you the same feeling that I got. And if it doesn’t, it will still give you the time and will not be a nuisance on your desktop. You might even get a couple of good comments from your friends and colleagues.

Fernando Soni
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